ITSforSURE has over 20 years experience with source management, change control, task tracking, object deployment, workflow management and development tools.
We originally developed our solutions for software configuration management and application development for the Unisys MCP environment. Since 1995, our solutions are available on the Windows platform as well.

We want our solutions to be Secure and User-friendly, Reliable and Easy. That’s what we call SURE.
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Software Configuration Management

Our source management package SURE is a comprehensive Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution for e-business developers on Unisys ClearPath MCP, UNIX and Windows. SURE supports an IT organization to safely and effectively manage the software components of its applications, including all MCP-based and PC-based components.

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Application Development

Our application development package RIS is a completely integrated set of tools for the development, maintenance and use of application software. RIS (abbreviation of Respect Infra Structure) uses advanced technologies and is especially suitable for the development of complex applications used to handle a high volume of transactions.

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Respect Framework

Respect Framework (RFW) is a powerful tool for application development on the Windows platform. RFW is exceptionally suitable for the RAD (Rapid Application Development) methodology, that enables the developers to directly harmonise all increments up to and including the final application with the end users.

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